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Which environment is the weighing sensor used in

1.the accuracy level of the sensor selection

The accuracy level of the weighing sensor includes the technical indexes of the sensor such as non-linearity, creep, repeatability, hysteresis, sensitivity, etc. When selecting the sensor, we should not blindly pursue the high-grade sensor, but should consider the accuracy level and cost of the electronic scale. In general, the root-mean-square value of the sum of the three indexes of non-linearity, non-repeatability and lag is slightly higher than the precision of the weigher.

2. the use of various types of sensors

The choice of weighing sensor form mainly depends on the type of weighing and installation space, to ensure proper installation, safe and reliable weighing; On the other hand, the manufacturer's suggestion should be considered. For weighing sensor manufacturers, it generally specifies the force of the sensor, performance indicators, installation form, structural form, elastic material, such as aluminum alloy cantilever beam sensor suitable for electronic valuation scale, platform scale, scale, etc.; Steel cantilever beam sensor is suitable for electronic belt scale, sorting scale, etc.; Steel bridge sensor is suitable for rail scale, automobile scale, etc.; Column sensor is suitable for truck scale, dynamic track scale, large tonnage hopper scale, etc.

3. Use environment

Weighing sensor is actually a device that converts mass signals into electrical signals that can be measured. With the sensor, we should first consider the actual working environment of the sensor, which is very important for the correct selection of sensors. It is related to whether the sensor can work normally and its safety and service life, and even the reliability and safety of the whole weighing instrument.

Under normal circumstances, the high temperature environment causes coating material melting, solder joint development, structural changes in the internal stress of elastomer, etc. Dust, moisture on the sensor caused by short circuit; In the corrosive environment will cause the sensor elastomer damage or short circuit phenomenon; The electromagnetic field interferes with the sensor output.

The selection of the appropriate weighing sensor needs to consider many factors, such as the selection of range, the selection of elastomer material and so on, so the selection needs to be carefully considered, but also need to listen to the manufacturer's advice.

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