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What are the common causes of load cell errors?

Load cell in use will inevitably produce errors, load cell will have what types of errors? What causes the error?


1. Characteristic error. It is caused by the device itself, including DC drift values, incorrect slopes or non-linear shapes of slopes. After all, there will be a gap between the ideal transfer function characteristics of the device and the actual characteristics.


2. Application error of weighing sensor. That is, errors caused by operation, including incorrect placement of the probe, incorrect insulation between the probe and the measurement position, errors during air or other gas purification, incorrect placement of the transmitter, and other operational errors.


3. Dynamic errors. Sensors suitable for static conditions will have strong damping and therefore be slow to respond to changes in input parameters and may even take a few seconds to respond to step changes in temperature. Some load cells with delay characteristics have dynamic errors when responding to rapid changes. Response time, amplitude distortion and phase distortion all lead to dynamic errors.


4. An insertion error occurs. It is the error caused by changing the measurement parameters when inserting the sensor into the system. Using a transmitter that is too large for the system, the dynamic characteristics of the system are too slow, and the spontaneous thermal load in the system is too large will lead to insertion errors.


5. An environment error occurs. The use of load cell is also affected by temperature, swing, vibration, height, chemical volatilize and other environment. These factors can easily lead to environmental errors.

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